3 Things You Need to Know About Steam Traps

Steam products can be very difficult to work with, as many of them are complex. Each part must be working at top capacity for the entire unit to run efficiently, and many people simply don’t take enough time or put enough effort in to ensure that the system is running efficiently. With just a few tweaks on how you use steam trap parts, you can make everything run together more efficiently, thus helping your business overall. Read on for a few things you need to know.

Maintenance is Necessary
Maintenance, for any type of machine or mechanism, is absolutely necessary. While this may seem obvious, many people will continue to run something half broken until it completely stops working. Not only is this dangerous, especially in the case of steam trap valves, but it will also cost you money in the long run. Fixing small issues over time rather than one big fix or replacement benefits your entire company. Plus, an efficient, quality system can reduce steam losses to less than 1%! In addition, a regular maintenance program ensures that leaking traps are less than 5% of the trap population.

Regular Testing Benefits
Steam trap testing is another big thing that can add life to steam trap parts. Systems that go unmaintained for three to five years run the risk of having 15% to 30% of steam traps failing. Regular testing allows you to see what is going wrong and where, so that you can address the issue before it moves to other parts.

Go For Durability From the Start
Of course, to avoid a lot of maintenance throughout the life of your system, it is beneficial to shop for durability from the very beginning. This way, you can do less maintenance without having to worry about the system, because it will be able to handle more.

Did you know these facts about steam vents and traps? Will you be putting more of these things into practice within your business?

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