Boosting Power Production with Effective Spirax Sarco Steam Traps

An article published in the Times Reporter on December 16, 2013 details the decision of a city to produce more power by upgrading certain components to help it generate more electricity:

To continue providing efficient city-generated electricity for its customers, Dover City Council on Monday night gave first readings to two ordinances that would, if passed, upgrade the coal-handling systems for the Municipal Light plant.

One is an emergency ordinance authorizing Dover Light and Power to order and install a new coal skip hoist for the No. 4 boiler, at a cost not to exceed $115,000. The second is an ordinance to replace the underthrow coal distributors on the No. 4 boiler, at a cost not to exceed $210,000.

“It’s just two pieces of equipment that deliver coal to the boiler, to be burned to make steam, to turn the turbine to generate electricity,” Homrighausen said. The units to be replaced have been in operation since 1967, he added.

The article presents the relevance of steam-powered systems to this day and how implements like high-quality Spirax Sarco steam traps can help boost energy production.

The replacement of old parts of the city’s electricity generator only means that these implements would be more efficient in producing electricity for a city of at least 12,000 residents. This, of course, means great things for the city of Dover, Ohio, but it can mean terrible things for outdated steam traps.

If these traps cannot handle the newer levels of efficiency that newer components bring, the whole system could become less efficient. It would also result in wastage of valuable resources, as coal doesn’t grow on trees.

Thus, it is important that these steam traps are replaced with effective traps. Factors such as water hammer, dirt, and steam locking capabilities must be considered in choosing the appropriate steam trap for the job. One can rely on a good Spirax Sarco steam trap to do the job well, as the manufacturers have spent much time developing the product since they became available commercially in 1932.

Steam is still a vital resource for a lot of industries, and quality components for the steam system should always be a priority. Companies and agencies looking to upgrade their steam-powered systems can consult reliable suppliers like ALB Industrial to learn more about the best components and parts.

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(Article Excerpt and Image from Dover considers upgrade to boilers, Times Reporter, December 16, 2013)

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