Choose Durable Mepco Steam Traps and Valves for Your Home Interiors

When it comes to redecorating any type of domestic space, one aspect which receives plenty of attention is the inclusion of different furniture and appliances. Depending on the purpose of the room, these could include television sets, stereos, custom cabinets, computers, inter-changeable lighting, as well as tables and chairs, among many others. In the excitement of being able to put together a room that stands out, some minor yet very important details tend to receive less focus.

Choose Durable Mepco Steam Traps and Valves for Your Home Interiors

One such detail is the room’s radiator valves, which are used to control the heat or steam output of radiators. The selected valves are vital in determining how easy it will be to obtain the desired temperature in the room. According to an article from eHow, radiator valves are generally categorized into two types, which makes the selection process easier for homeowners and interior designers:

“Manual Valves

Manual valves must be turned off and on by hand, according to the desired temperature in the room. Turning them on only part-way will allow some hot water into the radiator, allowing for fine temperature adjustments. Some manual valves include a metal ball within the valve to control flow when the valve is turned all the way on. These are called free ball valves.

Thermostatic Valves

Thermostatic valves include a heat sensor hooked to a thermostat. By changing the temperature of the thermostat, you control the setting of the valve. Thermostatic valves are used with analog and digital thermostats and are an important tool for integrating central heating and cooling systems in homes and commercial buildings. The valve mechanism is similar to the mechanism in a manual valve but it includes electronic components.”


To ensure that valves with the best look and desired functionality are selected, property owners should order supplies from reputable suppliers such as A.L.B. Industrial Supplies Inc., which delivers its products anywhere in the country. Products on offer include Spirax Sarco radiator valves, durable Mepco traps, and more. There are plenty of radiator valves for interior designers and homeowners to choose from.

What’s vital is that the chosen radiator valves benefit the people who will be using these radiators. Manufacturers of Mepco valves, and similar components, offer steam traps and hydronic products that are not only designed to complement the interior of rooms, but also provide enhanced functionality.

(Article Information and Image from Types of Radiator Valves; eHow)

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