Create an Efficient System by Inspecting Steam Traps Often

Unfortunately, there are far too many people and companies that ignore the steam traps in their equipment. However, this complacency is likely costing steam users much, much more than they even realize. There are far too many plants that concentrate on maintaining their boiler, while ignoring the rest of the steam system, which can be extremely wasteful. Some of the losses that are seen include energy, as well as having to replace any damaged equipment and the misuse of man-hours. It is not uncommon for some businesses to discover a system loss that reaches into the thousands of dollars range.

The good news is that the majority of the losses are able to be averted when you have a vigilant management system in place for your Hoffman Steam Traps . One program to implement which can help prevent serious issues with your steam trap is surveys. The steam trap survey will help to create a window into the steam system. Once the maintenance engineer is able to see what is going on with the system, they are able to take the proper corrective action.

The corrective action can add a significant amount to the company’s bottom line as a source of “found money.” In a number of business circles, it has been estimated that an in-house savings of only $10.00 is equivalent to approximately $1,000 in sales. Put simply, if you could generate $10,000 in steam system savings, it would be the same as generating one million dollars for your company.

However, in order to effectively create savings with your steam system, you have to understand the basics of the equipment. Loss of steam may occur on both the supply and the return side. The elements including trap type, sizing, slope angles and layout of the pipes can all contribute to the steam that is produced being effectively used. There are a number of personnel in plants that will work to understand the steam system, which includes traps; however, there are just as many plants that do not put forth this effort. It is important for these facilities to seriously consider naming certain individuals as in charge of maintaining the efficient function of the steam system.

The significant cost savings that can be achieved should be motivation enough to ensure proper steam trap operation. With this in mind, consider if your steam trap system is being properly maintained.

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