Danfoss Radiator Valves and Controls

Danfoss radiator valves and controls are manufactured by the Danfos Group.

Danfoss was founded (and is currently headquartered) in Nordborg, Denmark.in 1933 by Mads Clausen. A pioneer in radiator valve technology, Danfoss invented the thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) in 1943. Thermostatic valves are self regulating devices that regulate room temperature by utilizing a valve to control the flow of hot water to the radiator inlet.

Danfoss radiator valves and radiator controls are designed to provide the most energy-efficient temperature control possible. This provides a significant cost saving benefit to both commercial and residential installations.


Over 65 years of experience.
Danfoss radiator valves and controls are some of the most respected and widely utilized heating components on the market today.
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