Durable Armstrong Steam Traps Reduce Emissions and Waste Less Energy

Owners and operators of steam systems would naturally go for steam traps that are efficient yet eco-friendly. Eco-friendly steam traps waste less energy, burn less fuel, and reduce emissions. An article published by Spirax Sarco discusses some of the basic requirements of a good steam trap:

“By definition, a steam trap must trap or hold back steam whilst at the same time not restricting the passage of condensate, air, and other incondensable gases. The basic requirements of good steam trapping have already been outlined but it is worth repeating that the performance of the plant is paramount. The trap selection follows on the basis that the requirements of pressure, condensate load and air venting have been met in the provisional selection. However, system design and maintenance needs will also influence performance and selection.

Modern design and manufacturing techniques have produced steam traps which are more robust than those of their predecessors. This allows the steam trap to last longer under normal conditions, and will also be better able to withstand the effects of poorly designed systems.”


Although the aforementioned considerations are important, environmental preservation remains a top priority when purchasing a durable Armstrong steam trap. Reputable suppliers of steam traps, valves, and regulators, like A.L.B. Industrial Supplies Inc., also carry other brands—like Nicholson, Spence, Spirax Sarco, Tunstall, Barnes & Jones, Hoffman, and Mepco. Brands like Armstrong provide benefits such as minimal steam loss, long and reliable service life, as well as air and CO2 venting.

Durable Armstrong Steam Traps Reduce Emissions and Waste Less Energy

As reliable Armstrong steam traps are designed to waste less energy and reduce emissions, this translates into energy savings as well as a cleaner, healthier environment. While steam traps lose efficiency and begin to waste energy as they wear, Armstrong inverted bucket steam traps last much longer and provide greater reliability. The inverted bucket steam trap is powered by a unique leverage system that multiplies the force provided by the bucket to open the valves against pressure.

The inverted bucket steam trap has only two moving parts—the valve lever assembly and the bucket. This means that there are no fixed points or complicated linkages, and no components that might stick, bind, or clog. The individual parts of the inverted bucket steam trap are also wear- and corrosion-resistant, as they’re made of stainless steel.

(Article Information and Image from Considerations for Selecting Steam Traps; Spirax Sarco)

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