Hoffman Steam Traps and Vent Valves

hoffman-specialtyWe at A.L.B. Industrial Supplies, Inc. are the largest stocking distributor of steam traps in the U.S. for a reason. As steam traps experts, we provide you with a wide selection of products from reputable companies such as Hoffman Specialty.

Hoffman Specialty offers a wide range of products including float and thermostatic traps which operate on the density principle. These Hoffman steam traps completely drain condensate at saturation temperature. They also modulate to handle light or heavy loads.

Another kind of Hoffman traps are inverted bucket steam traps that rely on the density difference between steam and water to drain condensate as it forms. These Hoffman steam traps can be used in various applications aside from heating such as drum type roller dryers, steam separators, laundry equipment, and siphon or tilting kettles. Other Hoffman traps include Thermostatic BearTrap and Thermodisc BearTrap.

If you’re looking for valves, Hoffman valves offer superior quality. Hoffman drain valves automatically remove water from compressed air tanks, air separators and air coolers. Other variations of Hoffman valves have freeze protection and replaceable disc and seat for easy service.

There are also various kinds of Hoffman vents which can help improve your business operations. Main vent models can be used for residential or small one-pipe or two-pipe systems, as well as medium and large systems. Other kinds of Hoffman vents include special steam vents which can be used for air line or Paul systems, steam systems and process equipment.