How Quality Danfoss Valves Can Help Your Family This Coming Winter

Winter is coming, with temperatures fluctuating around five degrees to freezing point within a month in the Big Apple. The level of snow precipitation in New York is also higher than the averages of other US cities, which will make the winter even colder.

The necessity of warmth in cold cities gave birth to heating systems, but centralized heating systems tend to cause imbalance in heating temperatures for an entire home, which results in wasted energy. Tal Potishman, in an article on, posits that one of the things that can solve these problems are thermostatic radiator valves, like quality Danfoss valves:

benefits of thermostatic radiator valves

A TRV senses the surrounding air temperature. It works by progressively closing down the flow through the radiator as the air temperature rises, thereby cooling the radiator and regulating the room temperature. You can have more focused control within a room. Therefore, you can set each TRV to a temperature best suited to each room. This is greatly advantageous in saving energy, as it offers you the flexibility to have varying temperatures in separate parts of the home, as opposed to wasting energy heating a room that may not be occupied.

Having a means to specifically control the temperatures of each room in the household is extremely beneficial, as different people may prefer different temperatures. Customized control is something that centralized heating systems cannot provide. With efficient TRVs, a housemate who wants to keep himself cold in his room can do so while the others enjoy warmer temperatures.

Installing thermostatic radiator valves in the home’s heating system is also beneficial to the pocket: since these valves will shut down the radiators when they reach the ideal temperature, they will also stop radiators from making unnecessary heat, which in turn reduces a household’s heating costs.

One of the most reliable brands of valves out there are Danfoss thermostatic radiator valves. Danfoss has been present since the 1930s in Europe, and has been providing quality heating equipment to households. Danfoss offers thermostatic radiator valves that are highly regarded by users and DIY fanatics. The company also offers eTRVs that are more accurate in establishing the temperature in the room compared to the basic TRVs.

Thermostatic Danfoss radiator valves are a good fit for any cold New York household. Interested families can contact suppliers that provide a line of the product, such as ALB Industrial.

(Article Excerpt and Image from The Benefits Of Thermostatic Radiator Valves,, October 25, 2009)

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