Nicholson Steam Traps

nicholsonIf you’re looking to purchase Nicholson steam traps for your steam system, look no further than A.L.B. Industrial Supplies, Inc. As the largest stocking steam trap distributor in the U.S., we know which brands stand out in the industry and those are the brands we provide to you.

Nicholson steam traps stand out in a large part due to their celebrated history of continuous innovation. Nicholson Steam Trap is a division of the Spence Engineering Company which, in 1925, designed the first normally closed, pilot-operated pressure regulator. This revolutionized the way energy producers supplied low-pressure steam to their customers by providing greater accuracy in pressure control. Even today, this steam reduction and distribution method is one of the most accurate HVAC and process control methods available today..

The Nicholson products we supply range from their highly polished stainless steel sanitary traps to their innovative free float F&T traps. These Nicholson traps are known in the industry for their value and durability (especially the Nicholson thermostatic traps). Nicholson steam traps provide longevity and easy maintenance.

Included in the Nicholson steam traps we provide is the mechanical steam trap which can be used in a number of applications such as steam lines, process equipment, steam cookers, steam heated vats, pressing machinery, unit heaters, oil preheaters, converters, coils, and rotating drums. These Nicholson traps feature a proven caged stainless steel balanced pressure thermostatic air vent which automatically discharges air and non-condensables. They also feature a stainless steel strainer with large screen area that prevents dirt problems.

A.L.B. Industrial Supplies, Inc. is the largest stocking steam trap distributor in the U.S. We stock a full line of Nicholson steam traps that are available for delivery.