Preventing Steam-Related Problems by Buying Quality Sarco Steam Traps

The various developments made for harnessing the innate power of steam have placed steam traps in an important position in the entire system. These contraptions make sure that the steam would not lose heat. Improvements have been made over the years to ensure the efficiency of these traps. They do not come without their own share of problems, however, Sage Kalmus points out, in his article for


A steam trap is typically designed to last for about three to five years, even without the benefit of regular maintenance. During this tenure, it is unavoidable that dirt will accumulate and will block the passage of condensate and steam, hampering the overall performance of the system.

Constant cleaning of the trap would do the trick, but replacement of outdated traps with quality Sarco steam traps is also a viable option, as these traps are made according to recent upgrades and new techniques in the industry. Kalmus writes:

Signs that a steam trap is losing steam include an unusually warm boiler room and excessive steam venting from a receiver. Possible causes of steam loss include premature failure of a water seal on the condensate pump, leaks in internal or external valves, controls or fittings, uninsulated flanges, valves or sections of pipe and oversized or clogged traps.

Faulty Valves

If the pipe wall thickness of the condensate systems become an issue and steam leaks begin, it is a warning sign that there is something wrong with the valve. Regular inspection would do wonders to prevent such events from happening, but a change of traps is also a good investment. One should also look out for problematic closed valves:

A steam trap failed in the closed position will not condensate heat, causing heat to stay trapped in the lines and pressure to build up. This can lead to water hammer, or fluctuations in flow velocity that produce an intermittent banging sound. It can also lead to difficulty maintaining boiler operating pressure or vacuuming in the return lines.

Steam traps are important lifelines for the entire steam-powered system, so investing in quality steam traps can definitely benefit the company. Companies and individuals looking to upgrade their components to quality Sarco steam traps, or other types of steam traps, can contact reliable suppliers like ALB Industrial to learn more about newer steam trap models.

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