Air and Gas Eliminators

The Problems With Air in Steam Systems

If you use steam systems for any purpose, then you need to have the best quality air and gas eliminators available.

The presence of air has a negative effect on steam systems and processes. Air and other non-condensible gases that find their way into pressurized liquid lines cause problems such as corrosion, excessive noise, and reduced transfer of heat. This can obstruct or even stop the flow of liquid through the system.

Additionally, trapped air and gasses can create airlocks that keep the system from filling or prevent pumps from being primed. It can also seriously affect the accuracy of meters that measure flow, as well as the operation of regulating valves.

At the start-up of any steam system, air is always present. It is already in the steam pipes and other parts of the steam equipment. Even if your system is filled with pure steam at the beginning, the condensing steam causes a vacuum and draws air into the pipes at shutdown. Air can also enter the system in the feedwater.

Air and gas eliminators, when correctly installed at points where these gases collect, will quickly, efficiently, and economically purge the system.

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