Float and Thermostatic Traps

Float and thermostatic steam traps drain condensate immediately as it forms and simultaneously remove air and non-condensible gases. These mechanical units operate based on the principles of density and temperature, and are easily distinguished from other traps as they feature heavy duty construction. They commonly come in the forms of cast or ductile iron, as well as carbon or stainless steel.

The portion of the trap that works on the density principle is the float valve, with a level connecting ball float connected to the valve and seat. When condensate reaches a particular level in the trap, the float rises and opens the orifice, resulting in the condensate being drained. The water seal formed by the condensate prevents live steam loss.

Because the discharge valve is underwater, it cannot vent air and other non-condensible gasses. The accumulation of these gases results in a significant drop in temperature. This is where the thermostatic vent of the trap becomes part of the process as it responds to temperature and discharges the air and non-condensible gases a few degrees below saturation.

Built for use in various industries, the main benefit of float and thermostatic traps are their heavy duty construction, which allows for low-pressure, modulating service. The trap can handle widely varying loads of air and non-condensible gasses. The more the pressure varies in the application which you use a steam trap for, the more it is necessary to use a float and thermostatic trap in particular.

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