Non-Electric Radiator Valves

Non-electronic radiator valves have long been utilized to maintain comfortable temperatures and to make sure that the process does not waste fuel or heat. These built-in thermostat operators do not rely on electricity nor do they control the boiler or steam heating appliance they are connected to.

Standard radiator valves contain a plug, commonly composed of wax, which reacts to the surrounding temperature by expanding or contracting. The plug is connected to a pin which is then connected to a valve. The valve tends to gradually close as there is an increased amount of temperature in the room or facility. The valve essentially limits the amount of hot water or steam entering the thermal system it is connected to, allowing users to set their desired maximum temperature.

There are many advantages to using non-electric radiator valves to regulate temperatures for individual rooms. Whether for commercial or residential use, they serve as an environmentally friendly choice, saving significant amounts of CO₂. They also allow users to save a substantial amount on their energy bills as they continue to use the valves, often being able to see a return in their investment after just a few years of use.

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