Steam Pressure Regulators

Steam pressure regulators are a vital part of any steam system. Controlling pressure is not only a matter of efficient operation, but also an important factor in safety. A.L.B. Industrial Supplies, Inc. stocks many types and brands of pressure regulators for domestic and industrial applications.


Pressure Regulator Types

Generally, regulators are simpler devices compared to control valves. Control valves are more complicated because they need to have external power sources, as well as transmitting and control instruments. However simple, as long as a steam system regulation device provides adequate control, it will work well with the steam system.

Directly operated and self-contained, pressure regulators are devices that use energy from the system being controlled to operate.


Specific Regulator Types

There are 2 broad categories of regulators – direct operated and pilot operated – which include:

  • Pressure Reducing Regulators
  • Backpressure Regulators
  • Pressure Switching Valves
  • Tunstall
  • Vacuum Regulators & Breakers

Direct-operated regulators – These are the simplest type of regulators. Set at low pressures, they can have very accurate (±1%) control of the system’s pressure. At higher control pressures, up to 500 psig, 10 to 20% control is normal.

The direct-operated, pressure reducing regulator works by sensing the downstream pressure through internal pressure or through an external control line. The downstream pressure pushes against a spring that moves the diaphragm and valve plug, changing the size of the opening through the regulator.

Pilot-Operated Regulators – These regulators are better for high flow rates or where precise pressure control is needed. The pilot multiplies a small change in pressure to a larger one and applies it to the regulator’s diaphragm.

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