Spence PRV

Spence Engineering’s principal valve is the single seat, normally closed, E Main Valve.

The E Main meets the requirements of a large majority of regulator installations as it can be controlled by various types of interchangeable pilots. Spence regulators are known for their universal adaptability, accurate regulation, dependable service and low maintenance costs.

The main applications for the Spence E-Main Pressure Reducing Valve are:

  • Use with Self-contained, Pneumatic or Electronic Pilots
  • Temperature or Pressure Regulating for Process Control
  • Pressure Regulating for Steam Distribution
  • Single Point or Multiple Use Applications
  • Maintaining Back Pressure or Differential Pressure
  • Slow Start-ups or Shutdowns

Spence Iron Horse ED Series Regulator

Some of the key advantages of a Spence Regulator are:

  • Virtually Frictionless for Long Service Life
  • Easy In-Line Maintenance
  • ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class IV Shutoff
  • Packless construction
  • Trim Options Available for Precise Sizing
  • Great for Fluid, Gas, and Vapor Applications
  • Protected springs
  • Normally Closed
  • Wide Variety of Pilots for Many Applications

The Spence PRV comes in sizes of 3/8” to 12” to handle requirements for a variety of steam systems, and the body material comes in Cast Iron / Cast Steel and Screwed or Flanged Inlet.

Spence – A leader in Steam Regulators

Spence Engineering is known as the leader in the steam regulator and flow control industry. Founded in 1926 by Paulsen Spence in Walden, New York, the Spence Engineering Company has many years of experience designing and building regulators. They are responsible for developing and patenting the first normally closed – external pilot operated – packless pressure regulator. The original design is the basis of the modern hydronic products they now offer.

Spence is one of the few manufacturers who are able to produce regulators up to 12 inches in cast iron and steel. Their technologically advanced regulators are found in the heating systems of industrial plants, buildings of all kinds, institutions and district heating systems.

Offering a maximum in application and selection flexibility, their pilots are used extensively to mechanically or pneumatically control:

  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Differential Pressure
  • Back Pressure

A.L.B. Industrial Supplies, Inc. – Your One-Stop Source for Steam Regulators

We stock many of Spence’s specialty products for regulation and control of steam and fluids for both institutional and industrial applications.

We also stock other major brands of high quality hydronic products to match all of your specialized requirements for steam systems. All parts are available for immediate delivery to your business, and we ship daily across the US via UPS. We also have our own trucks that make deliveries throughout the greater New York City area. No order is too small!

To request a quote, fill out our online form or call 718-253-5343 to order your Spence or other brands of steam regulation products now!


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