Spence Steam Valves

spenceAre you looking for a supplier that stocks Spence steam valves? A.L.B. Industrial Supplies Inc., has a wide assortment of Spence valves in stock. Our large inventory ensures that we will have the Spence valve you are looking for, no matter what your domestic and industrial steam system needs are.

We are the largest manufacturer’s distributor of quality steam traps and other hydronic system parts in the United States. All our products are available for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY – With NO MINIMUM ORDER needed!
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Spence Safety & Relief Valves – ASME & API 527 Tested

Spence Engineering safety and relief valves have an exceptionally rugged design that can withstand excessive piping stress which usually leads to premature simmering and leakage, causing problems with your system and premature valve failure.

Each Spence PRV is set and tested in accordance with all applicable ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) codes and API 527 (American Petroleum Institute) standards for the seat tightness of pressure relief valves, to ensure the durability and safety of their products.

Each quality Spence valve features:

  • Nearly Frictionless Operation for Long Service Life
  • In-Line Maintenance
  • ANSI/FCI 70-2 Class IV Shutoff
  • Packless Construction
  • Trim Options for Precise Sizing Available
  • Use for Fluid, Gas, and Vapor Applications
  • Protected Springs
  • Normally Closed
  • Wide Variety of Pilots for Many Applications Available

Quality Steam Valves Since 1926

Spence Engineering Company, Inc. was founded by the Paulsen Spence. The Spence Engineering Company has a rich history of innovations led by Paulsen Spence himself. Spence was the engineer who designed the first normally closed, pilot-operated pressure regulator which made great waves in the industry during the time. This innovation was followed by other inventions which contributed to increased efficiency and up-time in various steam systems all the while decreasing maintenance costs.

Among the Spence valves we supply is the Kombat K1 Pneumatic Control Valve. It features a high-thrust compact actuator which features a high-thrust compact actuator, two different actuator sizes (36 and 60 sq. in.), low friction actuator design, corrosion protection, and more.

If you’re looking for safety relieve valves, we stock Spence steam valves for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications such as steam boilers, pressure reducing stations, unfired steam pressure vessels and lines, air compressors, cookers, and more. These Spence valves meet the ASME standards Section I, IV and Section VIII for steam, air, liquid and gas service.

Spence steam valves give you the quality and reliability. If you are looking to purchase Spence valves contact A.L.B. Industrial Supplies, Inc. today!


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