Spirax Sarco Steam Trap Designs

Sarco Steam Traps – Designs & Features

Sarco steam traps are famous for their quality, reliability, simplicity, and efficiency of operation. Spirax Sarco’s innovative designs help lower costs and energy wastage by improving the efficiency of your steam systems.
With their wide selection of hydronic products, Sarco has the perfect steam trap for your application.

Their line of high quality products include:

  • Thermo-Dynamic Steam Traps – With just one moving part, these units provide a blast discharge that has a clean, tight shut-off. Resistant to superheat and freezing, corrosive condensate, water hammer and vibration, the TD trap is perfect for removing condensate from steam distribution systems.
  • Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps – F & T traps are designed so condensate never backs up into the steam space. It can also remove air and other non-condensible gases that are existing at start-up or that collect during operation.
  • Balanced Pressure Steam Traps – These adjust automatically to varied steam pressures and have superior air venting abilities. This type of steam traps has high capacities for discharge for its size and is very durable due to its sturdy internal parts.
  • Inverted Bucket Traps – Very strong mechanical traps that resist water hammer and are able to handle superheated steam. They are designed with a wide range of valve orifices allowing for exact pressure and load matching.
  • Bimetallic Steam Traps – The bimetallic steam traps can conserve energy by discharging sub-cooled condensate in those applications that can use the surplus heat. They are the most robust of all the thermostatic steam traps, able to withstand water hammer and corrosive condensate.

Steam Traps Designed For Any Application

No two steam trapping systems are the same. Each system has inherently different characteristics, such as water hammer, superheat, corrosive condensate, or other damaging operating characteristics that can dramatically affect the performance of the steam trap. With the wide range of steam system applications, choosing the correct steam trap design is very important for achieving optimum performance and efficiency.

With one of the world’s largest range of hydronic solutions, Sarco Steam Traps are designed to meet the most demanding needs of any type of system you may have. Possessing a huge inventory, the capability to deliver parts immediately, and no minimum order requirements, A.L.B. Industrial Supplies is the company to rely on when you need Spirax Sarco steam traps ASAP!

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