The Importance of Installing Sturdy MEPCO Traps on Steam Machinery

The mining industry still uses steam energy to power certain machinery, despite the fact that many people view steam energy as an outdated power source. However, steam is still an effective and relatively cheap power source, making it perfect for the mining industry. As such, a reputable industrial parts manufacturer has come up with a new condensate pump for steam-powered systems:

The pump is capable of pumping up to 18 000 kg/h in rapid-cycling process environments under elevated pressure and temperature conditions.

The Pivotrol PTF4 high-capacity pressure-powered condensate pump is designed as a solution to the excessive maintenance and energy consumption commonly found with high-capacity condensate pumps used in large commercial and industrial facilities. The company adds that condensate management prevents excessive blowdown, loss of expensive heat energy, waste of water-treatment chemicals and the added costs of preheating feedwater.

The PTF4, incorporating dual Pivotrol pumping mechanisms with PowerPivot technology, operates on a pressure-displacement principle. A patented pressure-balancing body ensures that mechanisms share the pumping load equally. As liquid enters the pump body through the inlet check valve, it causes a float to rise, which closes the exhaust valve. This action ensures a rapid change from filling to pumping.

Although industrial manufacturers are engineering new ways to increase the efficiency of condensate transfer, leading industrial suppliers in the country, like ALB Industrial Supplies Inc., remind industries that use steam systems to install sturdy steam traps. These steam traps help steam systems by separating the steam from other unnecessary by-products of heated condensate and removing cooled condensate from the system. Doing so allows the machine to run on pure steam, increasing the machine’s mechanical power and productivity.

Failing to install steam traps, such as reliable MEPCO traps, can have serious repercussions on steam systems. Steam traps help prevent water hammer, a dangerous steam system problem caused by leftover high-pressure condensate banging on the pipe walls. Water hammer (a.k.a. steam hammer), can easily deform pipes; in severe cases, water hammer can even cause pipes to burst, damaging the entire steam system and possibly injuring workers.

Having a new high-pressure pump installed on your steam system will be a poor investment if you do not install the necessary safety measures. As such, be sure to contact a reputable MEPCO supplier to select a steam trap that best suits your company’s needs.

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(Article Excerpt and Image from New condensate pump ensures reliability, Mining Weekly)

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